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May 232010


Adventureland was a film that had me split down the middle I wanted to see it because its the type of lo-fi coming of age small town American film that just seems to appeal to me. However there are reasons why I had reservations about this film. You see I am one of the only people in the world who thought that Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale was a pretentious piece of shit, that was so caught up in how intelligent it was it actually forgot to have anything real to say. As you might know the focal character in that film is played by Jesse Eisenberg who is the protagonist in this film. The object of his desires is played by Kristen Stewart who of coures plays Bella in the twilight film and me being a 27 year old male those films do nothing for me. To me so far Kristen Stewart has been that moody girl who talks to quiet and spends most of her time biting her bottom lip. So its fair to say this film had a lot to do to convince me of its true merits, but it has an ace up its sleeve in Ryan Reynolds *swoon*.

Adventureland is set in 1987 and is the story of James Brennan who is played by Jesse Eisenberg who as usual plays a young intellectual who is not a geek because he like poetry and cool 70’s music (you seen its hard for me to be nice about him). At the start of the film James family have to down scale there lifestyle meaning that if James wants to go to the grad school he has been accepted to he will have to get a summer job at the only place hiring Adventureland. This is where James meets Em played but quiet voiced lip biter Kristen Stewart who’s family are still rich but she works at Adventureland to piss off her status obsessed step mom.

There are a small group of supporting characters that are very well developed by Greg Mottola (director/writer). Joel the pipe smoking Russian literature graduate who becomes a good friend of James and help him settle in at Adventureland. Connell the older maintenance guy who is played expertly by Ryan Reynolds as the smooth musician who all the girls at the park are in love with and all the guys think is cool because “he once played with Lou Reed”. As in every summer job there is the hot girl Lisa P perfectly played by Margarita Levieva who again is perfectly written and directed by Greg Mottola. Mottola stays away from the usual pit falls of making an 80’s movie of having the cliche Madonna girl and Michael Jackson guy. Instead he makes a well paced funny without being crass slice of American indie gold.

I loved this film its got a simple story, simple charcters and no flashy overblown moments. The writing, directing and cinematography are all in sync with each other which creates a great atmosphere and tone. I have forgiven Jesse Eisenberg and cant wait until the Twilight saga is over so Kristen Stewart can continue to make interesting films like this. Its nothing new its been done before but since American pie 11 years ago we have been besieged with gross out teen shit. As long as every so often we get something like this I will be very happy.

Anyway peace out suckers! 8/10

P.S Ryan Reynolds is a golden god!