Dec 252010
Merry Christmas!

Hello! A quick MERRY CHRISTMAS from all at! Hope you all have a fun festive period and add lots of films to your very own towatchpile! My top 20 films of the year should appear here over the next few days! Anyway peace out suckers!

Dec 232010
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Podcast episode 2

Hello! The third episode of Averagedudes Movie Reviews has been out there for a couple of weeks so hopefully you have checked it out. If not why not? Go on give it a go or search Averagedudes on iTunes. Myself and Lance tell you are top 5 zombie movies as well as debating zombies themselves. Lance gives […]

Dec 232010
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Hello! Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist was supposed to be a film about two young Americans being united by there passion for music. In this passion they find that they are indeed not only musical soul mates but indeed they are emotional soul mates. However what we actually get is a contrived, senseless and pretentious fake […]

Dec 022010
Enter the Void

Hello! When I first read that Gasper Noe was going to direct a film about a Buddhist afterlife theory set in Tokyo and also in English I was to say the least pumped. I was however realistic in the notion of this film ever being available on general release was always going to very slim […]