Spy Kids

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Feb 282011
Spy Kids

Hello! Spy Kids is a 2001 film from Texan director Robert Rodriguez and is his attempt to prove that his way of low budget big effects movie making can work on any genre. As you can pretty much guess from the title this is a kids film. Before deciding to branch out into more family […]

Feb 272011
The Oscar's 2011

Hello! As I did this time last year I have left it to the very last minuet to give my views on the Oscar’s for 2011. So here are the main categories and who I think will win and who I think should win. I’ve not seen all the major nominated films so some of […]

Feb 022011
#Towatchpile the rules, the reason

Hello! So the new year is over a month old now and I thought now would be a good time to explain the logic & rules behind the #Towatchpile. #Towatchpile is the brain child of Wil aka: Heavenztrash and started at the beginning of last year. The idea is to look through your DVD/BLU collection and […]