Mar 302011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Podcast Episode 8

Hello! We are back with another helping of filmic wonder in the form of Averagedudes Movie Reviews podcast available at or by serching Averagedudes in iTunes. In this episode Lance talks about Catfish and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. While Dudefozz talks you through Cave of Forgotten Dreams and The Doors, which prompts a discussion on Oliver Stone. We then […]

Mar 202011
Caged: DVD Review

Hello! Caged is a French horror film from first time director Yann Gozlan and has been compared to 2008 horror masterpiece Martyrs (yes I said masterpiece!). This for me is a bold claim to make as Martyrs is one of the most affecting horror movies of the past 10 years and had the guts and […]