Apr 302011
Budrus: DVD Review

Hello! The film Budrus is a 2009 documentary from Julia Bacha the acclaimed writer of Control Room and co-director of Encounter Point. It follows the Palestinian protest against the building of a security fence (Israeli West Bank Barrier) by the Israeli government on Palestine land. Budrus is a small town with a population of around […]

Apr 202011
My Neighbours The Yamadas: Blu-ray

Hello! My Neighbours The Yamadas is about to make its Blu-ray debut in the uk and thanks too the good people at Optimum Home Entertainment I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peak at this highly anticipated release. In 1999 Studio Ghibli released their 11th feature film My Neighbours The Yamadas directed by Isao […]

Apr 202011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Episode 9: He's Like the Wind

Hello! Its time for a new episode of Averagedudes Movie Reviews avalible at http://admr.podomatic.com/ and for the first time we have a guest Mr Paul Stephenson aka: @formulaic666  and his what we’ve been watching are Winters Bone &2012. Lance talks about Bloody Reunion & High Lane while Dudefozz chats about Knight and Day, Women in Trouble & Elektra […]

Apr 142011
Marks out of 10

Hello! A conversation was inadvertently started between myself and several other movies geeks on how the 1-10 movie scoring system works. I know many who totally disagree with attributing a numerical score to a film. For instance there is the age old dilemma of how can you judge a screwball comedy against something like The […]

Apr 072011
Cinematic Alphabet:One's to Watch

Hello! I’ve seen these post crop up on a lot of websites out there over the past week or so and had been deciding if we should join the party. Now I know that the usual idea is to list your favourite film for each letter but for me that’s just to difficult. Instead what […]