Jun 292011
Don't Look Now: Blu-ray Review

Hello! Don’t Look Now is the latest film to be given a long awaited Blu-ray release by Optimum Classics. The 1973 occult horror film directed by Nicolas Roeg starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland is often sighted as being one of the greatest horror films of all time. Since its release almost 40 years ago [...]

Jun 272011
The Halfway House: Review

Hello! The Halfway House is a 1944 film from Ealing studios’ most prolific director Basil Deaden and comes to DVD 20th June 2011 from Optimum Classics. This is part of Optimum’s continuing efforts to showcase forgotten classics from the early period of British cinema. The film is set in Wales in 1943, during the second [...]

Jun 242011
Java Head & Tiger Bay Double: Review

Hello! This is a two for one release from the good people at Optimum Classic with both films starring one of the first Asian American movie stars Anna May Wong who enjoyed a successful career in both silent cinema and then was one of those who transferred her stardom into “Talkies”. Its strange that somebody [...]

Jun 222011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Episode 11: I've always wanted to be a gangster

Hello! We are back for another episode of Averagedudes Movie Reviews available here http://admr.podomatic.com/ and on iTunes by searching for Averagedudes. In this episode Dudefozz and Lance talk you through their Top 5 Organised Crime movies and have some great discussions on the way. Lance also covers Altered and La Bamba in his what I’ve [...]

Jun 222011
#Towatchpile Lite: Week Eight

Hello! Another slow week at #Towatchpile towers again life and its terrible needs got in the way of my movie watching but here is what I did manage to view. Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Edgar Wright 2010 Scott Pilgrim was one of my few visits to the cinema of last year. Unlike most [...]

Jun 212011
Ice Cold In Alex: Blu-ray Review

Hello! Ice Cold In Alex is a 1958 second world war movie that landed on Blu-ray in the UK for the first time on 13th June 2011. It features Sir John Mills and is based on the book of the same name by British author Christopher Landon. The release is part of Optimums recent and continuing commitment [...]

Jun 182011
Wasted Youth: Lock Up

Hello! Wasted Youth is back this week after an absence from the site last week due to me actually being social. This week I’m covering a film starring my favorite action star of all time Sylvester Stallone. I’m a total Stallone fanboy and this all started from watching Rambo III at an early age it [...]

Jun 162011
Django Unchained: Who Will Play Django?

Hello! I’m sure most of you have heard by now that Quentin Tarantino has announced that his next film will be the slave western Django Unchained and it is to be released Christmas 2012. Any Tarantino announcements are like cat-nip to film geeks as we all see Tarantino as one of our own. He’s the video store clerk [...]

Jun 152011
#Towatchpile Lite: Week Seven

Hello! A very quiet week at #Towatchpile towers due to me having to take leave to Manchester and go drink with the some of the www.eatsleeplivefilm.com boys and Mr @Chinstroker. So I got next to no watching done but what I did managed to view is here for your reading pleasure. The Runaways - Floria Sigismondi [...]