May 062012


So Letterboxd is open to the public now and all self respecting film fans should join and indulge in this great idea of a social network, come cataloging site, that basically caters solely for film fans.

One of the features I have found I most enjoy about the site is the List function. With this you can make any kind of filmic list you may so desire, however trite or idiotic. For instance I personally have made a list that covers all the films I’ve watched this year, as well as some other more fun list.

So here is where I’m going to share these lists with those of you who are not on, or have no interest in joining Letterboxd. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but who am I to judge. This page will be updated every time I add a new list. This is update #2 (to view the list simply click on the title and it will take you to the Letterboxd page)

My 2012 Watch list

This is a running list of all the films I will have watched in 2012. I’ve a target of 600+ for this year.

Netflix Uk: Top 100?

I’ve been asked by the good Harry Cooke to make a list of what I think are the top films currently available on Netflix UK. These are my views so don’t have an embolism at some of the titles.

This list is in no way in order!

Jean-Claude Van Damme: The Golden Era (1987-1995) Top Ten Ranked

Jean-Claude Van Damme has always been seen as the budget version of Schwarzenegger, Stallone and even Willis. He never quiet hit the box-office heights on as consistent a basis as his rivals. But for a period of 7/8 years in the late 80’s and early 90’s he was the man!

My Top 10 Horror films!

Ok Time Out magazine did a great Top 10 Horror films featuring some great writers, directors, and general all round good film guys.

So like a few others (Phil Walsh, Giles Edwards and Stuart Barr) I thought I’d add mine.

So here it is, and be warned its likely to change on a regular basis, dependent on mood.

Sylvester Stallone is more than just Rocky & Rambo: My top 10 none Rocky or Rambo Stallone films

Sylvester Stallone is best know for two of cinema’s most iconic figures in Rocky Balboa, and John J. Rambo. But he is so much more. Here is my top 10 films where is is not the caring boxer, or the kick-ass war machine.

This guy could kick all of are asses, at once!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Golden Era (1984-1991) Top Ten Ranked

The better and much better thought of Phil Walsh made his Golden Era Schwarzenegger list, so I thought I’d have a crack at mine……Here you go!

Update #2

John Carpenter: My Top 10

I love John Carpenter. I think he has made some of the most entertaining and watchable films of all time. And as you can see from my list, I even like many of the films most people hate.

So why not make your own Top 10 for this under appreciated director. Or simply comment on mine.

Robert De Niro: Top 10

Robert De Niro still ranks as my all time favourite actor. I know in recent years he’s made some duds simply for the money (see my Robert De Niro: Bottom 10 list), to help finance his Tribecca projects, but a simple look back over his career an the quality of his output is staggering.

I really hope that over the next few years I get to knock a few of these films out for new films he has made.

Robert De Niro: Most disappointing 10

To satisfy the haters, and to go with my Robert De Niro: Top 10, is my Robert De Niro: Most disappointing 10.

You’ll be surprised at what’s not on it.

Anyway peace out suckers!