Oct 022013

Movie Poster & Trailer of the Day No.440 – Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2


The Blair Witch Project is one of the most successful horror movies ever made, and rational thinkers could argue that its also one of the most important horror movies ever made as well. The way the film was marketed and the buzz this helped generate changed the way big studios approached film publicity. For the first noticeable time online marketing had essentially made a movie make oodles of $$.

A year later a sequel was made for ironically around 666 times more money, and it was terrible!

This of course means that I absolutely adore it.

I saw The Blair Witch Project in the cinema and it was a fun and freaky film to watch, however I’ve only watched it once since then. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is one of those films that I regularly watch at least once a year. I revel in its stupidity and the way it has none of the ideals of the first. This is a film that was always on a hiding to nothing, and I’m almost certain that I’m alone in favouring it over its much more revered and successful predecessor.

A different movie trailer everyday, might be from a new film, might be from a film you’ve never seen, might even be just because it’s a terrible trailer. What I will say is they will all be interesting in some way. And for October they will be all horror films.