Oct 032013

Movie Poster & Trailer of the Day No.441 – Thirst


Park Chan-wook goes full horror with this 2009 vampire film. As with any Chan-wook film its tense, taught and stunning. Yes you could argue that it goes on a little bit longer than it needs too (standard cut is 134min with the directors cut clocking in at 145min) but that’s something that’s often levelled at South Korean cinema.

Thirst for me is one of those films where I think its yet get the praise it truly deserves, I think as more time passes more people will come to realise that this is one of the best horror films of its time.

A different movie trailer everyday, might be from a new film, might be from a film you’ve never seen, might even be just because it’s a terrible trailer. What I will say is they will all be interesting in some way. And for October they will be all horror films.