Jul 182011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Episode 12: But it's so beautiful!

Hello! We are back for another show available here http://admr.podomatic.com/ and on iTunes by searching for Averagedudes. This time round Dudefozz and Lance have a discussion on Terrance Malick or more to the point are great visuals enough to create great cinema or does it need compelling story to back it up? In our what we’ve [...]

Jun 222011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Episode 11: I've always wanted to be a gangster

Hello! We are back for another episode of Averagedudes Movie Reviews available here http://admr.podomatic.com/ and on iTunes by searching for Averagedudes. In this episode Dudefozz and Lance talk you through their Top 5 Organised Crime movies and have some great discussions on the way. Lance also covers Altered and La Bamba in his what I’ve [...]

May 162011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Episode 10: War!

Hello! Back again to fill your ears with movie wisdom. You can find the next episode (Number 10 not number 11 like I say during the cast!) of Averagedudes Movie Reviews here http://admr.podomatic.com/ or search Averagedudes on iTunes. On this episode Lance talks about Grown Ups and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins and Dudefozz talks about [...]

Apr 202011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Episode 9: He's Like the Wind

Hello! Its time for a new episode of Averagedudes Movie Reviews avalible at http://admr.podomatic.com/ and for the first time we have a guest Mr Paul Stephenson aka: @formulaic666  and his what we’ve been watching are Winters Bone &2012. Lance talks about Bloody Reunion & High Lane while Dudefozz chats about Knight and Day, Women in Trouble & Elektra [...]

Mar 302011
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Podcast Episode 8

Hello! We are back with another helping of filmic wonder in the form of Averagedudes Movie Reviews podcast available at http://admr.podomatic.com/ or by serching Averagedudes in iTunes. In this episode Lance talks about Catfish and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. While Dudefozz talks you through Cave of Forgotten Dreams and The Doors, which prompts a discussion on Oliver Stone. We then [...]

Dec 232010
Averagedudes Movie Reviews Podcast episode 2

Hello! The third episode of Averagedudes Movie Reviews has been out there for a couple of weeks so hopefully you have checked it out. If not why not? Go on give it a go  http://admr.podomatic.com/ or search Averagedudes on iTunes. Myself and Lance tell you are top 5 zombie movies as well as debating zombies themselves. Lance gives [...]