Jul 312014
Sabotage: The Defence of a Madman.......

“The plot is preposterous, the violence is ridiculous, the character names are caricatures, the whole tone is just really?” Mark Kermode “Unholy mess” Peter Bradshaw “Noisy and illogical” Tim Robey That’s just what a few of the paid professional film writers thought about David Ayer’s Arnold Schwarzenegger starring crime thriller Sabotage, which was released earlier […]

Apr 172013
Wallander: The Troubled Man UK Premiere Screening + Q&A with Krister Henriksson

Wallander: The Troubled Man UK Premiere Screening + Q&A with Krister Henriksson  The Nordic Noir Film Club are hosting a one off special screening, which just so happens to be the UK premiere, of the new Wallander film The Troubled Man. This screening will take place at London’s Leicester Square Theatre on April 22nd 2013 […]

Apr 172013
City Screen York Refubishment

I’m a creature of habit. I have a specific route I walk to work and I have a different route I walk home, I’ve no idea which route is quicker and in all probability both routes actually take the same amount of time. This however doesn’t stop me from taking these alternate routes. This pattern […]

Mar 132013
City Screen York: Roman Polanski Season

This article is written to make people aware of the fantastic Roman Polanski season that City Screen York Picturehouse Cinema is running. I’m aware many of you will not be in a position to attend, however I hope you still enjoy reading my thoughts on the director. Roman Polanski is a director who has become […]

Mar 042013
If You Can't Stand the Heat: The alarming decline of the cast of Heat

In 1995 when Michael Mann made the film Heat, a remake of his own 1989 TV movie L.A. Takedown, he was still best know for his work on the hit 80’s cop show Miami Vice. The shows style and bravado had shown much of Mann’s eye for scope, and the few films he had made […]

Sep 092012
Frightfest 2012: Overview

Hello! Yes I know its been a over a week since Frightfest 13 finished, but we were on holiday and I was outright banned from posting during my time away. So I know its a bit late, but over the next few days you will be getting my take on this years premier horror and […]