Dec 022010
Enter the Void

Hello! When I first read that Gasper Noe was going to direct a film about a Buddhist afterlife theory set in Tokyo and also in English I was to say the least pumped. I was however realistic in the notion of this film ever being available on general release was always going to very slim […]

Pump Up the Volume

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Jun 012010
Pump Up the Volume

Hello! Pump up the volume was released in 1990 to mixed critical response and to moderate takings at the box office. However it spoke out to to the kids of America who would soon become known as “generation x”. It’s the story of Happy Harry Hard-on a pirate radio DJ who is always horny and […]

Mar 162010
Shutter Island

Hello! Well it finally arrived Shutter Island, the latest offering from one of my (and everybodies I assume) favorite directors Martin Scorsese. I have been a Scorsese fan ever since I watched Cape Fear at the age of 11 (I had very liberal parents). After falling in love with the controlled over the top nature of Scorsese […]


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Mar 042010

Hello! I had been putting this film off for ages! You see people believe it or not despite my sunny outlook on life i freaking love Joy Division, so this film had me worried. Was it going to be any good, was it going to tell the true story or was it going to delve […]