Jul 312014
Sabotage: The Defence of a Madman.......

“The plot is preposterous, the violence is ridiculous, the character names are caricatures, the whole tone is just really?” Mark Kermode “Unholy mess” Peter Bradshaw “Noisy and illogical” Tim Robey That’s just what a few of the paid professional film writers thought about David Ayer’s Arnold Schwarzenegger starring crime thriller Sabotage, which was released earlier […]

Dec 042013
Milius: DVD Review

John Milius is very much a larger than life character, he’s a filmmaker who honed and sculpted his own image and reputation. His penchant for going against the grain and stirring trouble for troubles sake was only matched by his storytelling ability. This documentary directed by frequent Kevin Smith collaborators Zak Knutson & Joey Figueroa […]

Feb 142013
The Last Stand: Cinema Review

The Last Stand carries with it two significant factors, number one it is Kim Ji-Woon, director of I Saw the Devil, A Tale of Two Sisters and the glorious action-western-comedy The Good, The Bad, The Weird, with his english language debut. And number two is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to being the leading man in an […]

Jul 152012
Total Recall: Ultimate Rekall Edition: Blu-ray Review

Hello! So, with Len Wiseman’s, Colin Farrell starring remake just weeks away, Studio Canal are releasing a new fully restored edition of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 ultra violent sci-fi masterpiece Total Recall. They are calling it the Ultimate Rekall Edition, and it comes loaded with special features, including a new retrospective look back on the film […]

May 062012
My Letterboxd Lists: Update #2

Hello! So Letterboxd is open to the public now and all self respecting film fans should join and indulge in this great idea of a social network, come cataloging site, that basically caters solely for film fans. One of the features I have found I most enjoy about the site is the List function. With this […]