Oct 012011
The Horror The Horror Day 1: Don't Look Now (archive review)

Hello! To celebrate October, the month of horror, we will bring you a horror review everyday for the next 31 days. Some may be from our archive (I’m only one man remember) but most will be new. If you have a suggestion leave a comment, contact me or the site on twitter @dudefozz @towatchpile, or […]

Jul 062011
#Towatchpile Lite: Week Ten

Hello! This has been my worst movie watching week for some time.  For some reason I just never managed to get chance to sit and watch anything, so here are the pitiful few I managed.  Halloween H20 – Steve Miner 1998 Twenty years after John Carpenter’s seminal slasher movie Halloween set the tone for almost all 80’s […]

Jun 292011
Don't Look Now: Blu-ray Review

Hello! Don’t Look Now is the latest film to be given a long awaited Blu-ray release by Optimum Classics. The 1973 occult horror film directed by Nicolas Roeg starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland is often sighted as being one of the greatest horror films of all time. Since its release almost 40 years ago […]