Quiz Answers

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Oct 132010

Hello! Here are the quiz answers. A lot later than I had promised this was because I accidently saved it as draft rather than publishing the answers and have only just realised….Sorry General Film Sissy Spacek Hayo Miazaki Michel Gondry 3 Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps Unleashed and Ginger Snaps the Beginning. Nick Stahl Ethan Hunt Gasper […]


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Sep 272010

Hello! Here is the Quiz I host at York Picturehouse City Screen every 2Nd Monday of the month. These are the questions from August quiz as I was not very happy with Septembers as it was in my mind a little to easy. So here we go answers will be posted on Friday. General Film […]

Apr 212010

Hello! General Film. Retro Fitting She owned the rights to the film. Huey, Dewey and Louie Jeanine Bruce Campbell 5 Michael Douglas and Michael Keaton Shooting Dogs Nic Cage We Can Remember it For You Wholesale Horror Round. Virgin Springs Giallo 5 Freddy vs Jason Fauno Max von Sydow 1951 Obscene Publications Act Black Christmas […]

The Quiz April

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Apr 142010

Hello! General Film. 1. The 3D on Tim burtons Alice was added after the film was shot name this process? 2. How did Katherine Hepburn ensure she got the part she wanted in the Philadelphia story? 3. What were the names of the drone robots in the film Silent Running? 4. What is stiflers mom […]