Dec 042012
Dude and a Monkey: Episode 3 - Murderous Caravaning

Hello! Join Marc & Ian as they indulge in a little bit of pedantic ultraviolence with Ben Wheatley’s latest Sightseers, before geeking out on nostalgia in One Old One New, having a moan about online film writing in the Discussion segment and laugh at the latest in the George P. Cosmatos Marathon, Leviathan. Contact us: […]

Jan 122012
Movie Poster of the Day: Streets of Fire

Hello! Movie Poster of the Day No.167 – Streets of Fire Walter Hill is a criminally unappreciated contributor to cinema. When you look at some of the classic films he’s been involved with as a writer, producer, and director, its about time he started getting a bit more credit. Anyway peace out suckers!