Oct 132011
The Horror The Horror Day 10 : Buried Alive

Hello! Buried Alive was a straight to TV movie in the US, and comes to DVD for the first time in the UK on 10th October 2011 from Second Sight Films. Now usually, a straight to TV film would attract little interest from anybody, but this film is directed by Frank Darabont, the man who […]

Oct 072011
The Horror The Horror Day 7: Quatermass and the Pitt

Hello! Coming to Blu-ray for the first time on 10th of October 2011 from Studio Canal is Roy Ward Baker’s 1967 science fiction horror film, Quatermass and the Pit. The film is the third film to feature Professor Bernard Quatermass, the first two being The Quatermass Xperiment and Quatermass 2, however when Hammer Films decided […]

Oct 052011
The Horror The Horror Day 5: Inside

Hello! The Horror The Horror Day 5: Inside (aka: À l’intérieur) Day five of our horror season brings us 2007 French horror, Inside or À l’intérieur to give it it’s native title. France has produced some great and innovative horror over the past few years and this and 2008 Martyrs (more on that film later […]

Oct 042011
The Horror The Horror Day 4: Idle Hands

Hello! The Horror The Horror Day 4: Idle Hands Idle Hands is a slacker horror comedy from director Rodman Flender, and stars a cast of the top upcoming young Hollywood talent of the time, Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, Jessica Alba, and Vivica A. Fox. Big things were expected of the film and the studio were confident of recouping back a lot more than […]

Oct 032011
The Horror The Horror Day 3: Candyman

Hello! Today we cover my favorite horror film of all time, the classic early 90’s Candyman. The Horror The Horror Day 3: Candyman The film Candyman is based on a short story called The Forbidden written by British horror writer, director, photographer and all round artist Clive Barker. The story comes from Barker’s highly claimed […]

Oct 012011
The Horror The Horror Day 1: Don't Look Now (archive review)

Hello! To celebrate October, the month of horror, we will bring you a horror review everyday for the next 31 days. Some may be from our archive (I’m only one man remember) but most will be new. If you have a suggestion leave a comment, contact me or the site on twitter @dudefozz @towatchpile, or […]