Mar 202011
Caged: DVD Review

Hello! Caged is a French horror film from first time director Yann Gozlan and has been compared to 2008 horror masterpiece Martyrs (yes I said masterpiece!). This for me is a bold claim to make as Martyrs is one of the most affecting horror movies of the past 10 years and had the guts and […]

Feb 022011
#Towatchpile the rules, the reason

Hello! So the new year is over a month old now and I thought now would be a good time to explain the logic & rules behind the #Towatchpile. #Towatchpile is the brain child of Wil aka: Heavenztrash and started at the beginning of last year. The idea is to look through your DVD/BLU collection and […]

Dec 232010
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Hello! Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist was supposed to be a film about two young Americans being united by there passion for music. In this passion they find that they are indeed not only musical soul mates but indeed they are emotional soul mates. However what we actually get is a contrived, senseless and pretentious fake […]

Boogie Woogie

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Sep 232010
Boogie Woogie

Hello! So Boogie Woogie is one of those films that essentially went straight to DVD despite have a pretty decent ensemble cast and not to bad reviews. It’s these sort of film that really intrigue me. I find myself asking why did this not get a cinema release, its got Amanda Seyfried fresh from Mamma […]

Taking Lives

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Sep 032010
Taking Lives

Hello! Been a while since my last post and I promise it will not be so long again. Ok so here we go with Taking Lives released in 2004 it’s the fourth feature film from director DJ Caruso. You may remember his name from the recent Shia LaBeouf vehicles Eagle Eye and Rear Window rip […]